Preeclampsia affects
1 in 12 pregnancies

Encompass is a simple blood test being developed to predict risk for preeclampsia months before symptoms.

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“I had no idea what my risks were and I didn't know how common it was. Knowledge is power. I think the more time you have to prepare, the better.”
Preeclampsia Survivor,
Mother of 3 in Salt Lake City
“If I had known that this was something I needed to be concerned with, I definitely would have been more proactive in my care.”
Preeclampsia Survivor,
Mother of 3 in Maryland
“I definitely felt caught off guard and it did take me a while to mentally recover, reliving a lot of the trauma and worry.”
Preeclampsia Survivor,
Mother of 3 in Northern California
“I wasn’t planning on preeclampsia. I felt like my birthing plan was just being thrown out the window.”
Preeclampsia Survivor,
Mother of 1 in Missouri

What is

Preeclampsia is a condition that can lead to serious complications for both mother and baby, often striking without warning.



Encompass is being developed to provide:

Knowledge of your risk months before the onset of symptoms.

A personalized action plan to prevent preeclampsia.

Clarity on the path ahead for you and your care team.

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Why is Encompass being developed?
Encompass is in
development so you can:
Know your risk
months early.

Know your pregnancy’s unique risk level for preeclampsia months early.

React once
symptoms appear.

Wait until preeclampsia signs and symptoms appear to find out.

Get actionable
test results.

Have clarity and confidence with actionable test results.

Wait and see.

Hope you are doing all you can for your pregnancy.

Have a personalized
action plan.

Be prepared and proactive about preeclampsia prevention.

Risk being caught
off guard.

Face unexpected turns on your pregnancy journey.

Take proactive steps
for your health.

Prevention through early intervention and awareness.

Have limited time
to prepare.

Miss a window for steps and interventions in case of emergencies.

What will test results look like?
Illustrative example. Subject to change. Illustrative example. Subject to change.

Results will be just the first step.

From personalized results rooted in the latest science, to an actionable care plan, Encompass is being developed to help you feel prepared and confident for the journey ahead.

Hear From Clinicians
Developing Encompass

Our team of clinicians and parents
Carrie-Haverty-Bio-Img Carrie-Haverty-Bio-Img
Carrie Haverty, Genetic Counselor VP of Product, Mirvie
“Encompass will give expecting individuals knowledge about their unique risk for preeclampsia. It’s about taking control, making informed decisions, and having the confidence needed for this pivotal life journey.”
Honiko-Bio-Img Honiko-Bio-Img
Niko Morrison, Nurse Practitioner Clinical Manager, Mirvie
“It’s about feeling prepared, not scared. Encompass will provide clarity and actionable insights that inspire confidence about your plan for the path ahead.”